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Lifestyle & Biz Coaching

Get coaching to help you improve your lifestyle as well as assistance on business creation and development. Let us guide you and help you develop and reach your aspirations to create success in your lives.


We provide consultancy with an Islamic framework for start-ups, new entrants to the market place on personal development, wellbeing, business psychology, business creation, branding, FB ads and social media marketing. We can help you create a powerful brand and company.

Training Course

Sign up for our unique course which provides coaching and mentorship on Islamic Heritage, Mindset and FB Marketing. This innovative course helps you create an online business and has the potential to boost your income.

What our clients say

I am based in the USA & The Digital Biz Master Programme has not only given me step by step proven strategies to grow my business but I am a more confident business woman now.

Glory Ali Halal Travel Expert

The Digital Biz Master Programme is full of gems and well structured. Maj is easy to get hold of and provides support through his coaching and he is very supportive with his learners.

Shapla Begum Entrepreneur

I’m involved in internet marketing and I’m based in Canada. I enrolled in Maj Hussain’s Digital Biz Master course and through his course and coaching I am developing my own online business as well as improving my skills.

Imad Kaddoura Internet Marketer

I’m a Life Coach from Canada & I have undertaken the Digital Biz Master Programme. This helped me develop my mindset and assisted me in increasing my sales in my business.

Kulsoom Kazim Life Coach

Hi I’m from Jordan in the Middle East, Maj Hussain has helped coach me and helped me realise my potential. Through Maj’s advice, guidance & coaching I was able to get my dream job working as a Law Advocate and reach many of my goals. I highly recommend his services and programmes.

Abdelrahman Marar Law Advocate

I have developed a modest fashion brand focusing on hijabs and abayas. Maj Hussain helped me with developing my business and building my brand and he is a fantastic supportive coach.

Khadija Fernandez Windsor Entrepreneur

Hi Maj Hussain has helped me with personal development and coached me on how to develop and enhance my skills. Through Maj’s coaching I was able to get my dream job.

Mohammed Nadeem Self Employed

My good friend Maj Hussain is a great coach who has helped me with setting my academic goals and provided strong support in helping me develop my business ideas and plans.

Mohammed Haroon Business Owner

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