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My Journey To Becoming A Lifestyle & Business Coach

Salam & hi my names Maj Hussain and I am a Lifestyle & Business Coach. I spent most of my early life undertaking youth & community voluntary work which had a profound effect on my world vision and how I interacted with others.

I campaigned for youth facilities and provisions alongside other youth and other volunteers who were also campaigning in the years prior. Eventually we were able to obtain funding in excess of $300k which went towards funding a new youth base and two football pitches alongside a junior play area.

I invested a lot of my resources in academia and university getting in to student debt. I have three degrees which were an important part of my life journey but these qualifications didn’t allow me to get that dream high paying job.

I later set up a number of business operations where I was able to turnover and gain contracts valuing 3, 4, 5 & 6 figures. At the height of my business success I had five employees and I also was using multiple freelancers for specific projects. I failed in my early business ventures but this prepared me for future endeavors as the experience I had gained put me in a stronger position.

I also later started working in the finance industry and rebuilt my motivation and aspirations. I was able to once to start again and set up a new platform exploring the Global Islamic Economy.

I have been coaching and supporting people for many years helping them to change their mindset and alter their lifestyles to see the world from a different perspective. My academic background in business and community psychology has helped my work greatly.

I’ve helped people realise their potential and supported many individuals in achieving their goals and life aims. I’ve assisted individuals with their educational and job objectives as well as business goals.

I can help you free your time and move towards reaching your aspirations. Why spend years trying to find the right formula get a mentor/coach to accelerate your learning and improve your opportunities for change and success.

Get In Touch Now: info@majhussain.uk