Lost Gems Of Islamic History

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Islamic history & heritage should play an integral part in the life of any Muslim. Although history details constructs of the past it is still however entrenched in modern day living and plays a part in our everyday lives. We can see history all around us if we observe below the surface of societal structures. This eBook was written and compiled over a period of around 12 months. It contains 43 individual and unique stories related to Islamic history from swashbuckling pirates, Mongol warriors, ancient technology, Viking age treasure, warrior Queens, centres of learning, Chinese poetry and many more lost gems of Islamic heritage. This eBook provides real value to any reader and the content within can be shared enlightening both young and old. The reason why I wrote this material in relation to this particular genre was to inspire and motivate a generation of Muslim and non-Muslim youth to reconnect with the past and create contemporary innovations and groundbreaking discoveries to become modern day leaders in fields such as science, medicine, tech, art, culture, literature, business and beyond.

Majid Hussain MSc, PGDip, BA, Ptlls

“Join me on a quest to unravel the lost gems of Islamic history & heritage