Entrepreneur Lifestyle: 5 Key Traits Of An Entrepreneur

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By Maj Hussain

Manchester: The life of an entrepreneur and business person often revolves around interacting with other individuals, companies and groups of people. This human interaction is a key part of the selling and relationship building process. Essentially people buy from other people hence it is important to understand human relationships and the interconnection involved. Many successful entrepreneurs and businesses master the art of dealing with other people through strong personal characteristics and traits. Below is five key qualities and traits successful entrepreneurs often master which in turn makes their journey towards success more smoother and efficient.

Integrity: valuing honesty and having a strong moral compass is important when dealing in trade or the market. An honest entrepreneur builds a reputation and trust amongst clients. Being upright and adhering to moral ethics can add value to your brand and business reflecting positively with clientele.

Trust: is being able to have a firm belief in what someone else is telling you. To trust another individual is imperative in baseline business relations. Without the trait of trustworthiness people are less likely to purchase your service or products. Building trust in your market place will assist in acquiring customers and customer retention, because that individual is aware that this brand will live up to what it is promising.

Word Of Honour: honouring your commitments and adhering to your promises is important for market perception and individual reputation. In the ‘old skwool’ era of my parents they would often have saying such as ‘your word is your bond’ meaning if you say you are going to do something, make sure you do it. This idea of making sure that you carry out your stated commitments is a key pillar of showcasing your reliability in the sector you operate in.

Reliability: be reliable and be accurate in your transactions and services. Entrepreneurs who are reliable often turn up to events and see through pre-arranged projects and scheduled meetings. To turn up and make an appearance when you have disclosed you will be there i.e. turn up to a meeting, conference, expo, speaking event, charity ball is a positive juncture which relays your determination and reliability. Reliable entrepreneurs are more likely to develop powerful relations within their networks and this often creates opportunities as well as business progression.  

Character: building character is crucial to being recognised in your sector. Character is related to the moral and mental qualities associated with an individual. Having character can highlight you as an individual which helps you stand out from a crowded market place. Character can also allow you to build context and style to your customer interactional journey.  

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