Exclusive #Simplified Interview With Inspirational UK Based Entrepreneur Adam Ali

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1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your journey into the online world?

I worked offline for 15 years and did well because of 4 young kids I started online businesses. It has been tough but it could have been easier if I was taught correctly from day one. Now I have 3 online businesses working and also teach others what I do. I am known as: THE SIMPLFIER.

2) What is your passion & tell us about the #Simplifier label you are associated with?

I enjoy breaking complex strategies down for others. I have always been frustrated when people take a long time to explain something & sometimes they confuse you even more. From a young age people have always said I explain things very well and they look forward to my style of teaching.

3) Word in the digital world is you are a pro at Facebook ads, can you tell us about your new course on this topic and what tips do you have for Facebook advertisers?

Everybody claims to be a pro. I just took some time out to learn it properly and finally got it to work.  The best tip is to learn it, then immediately when you feel confident try an ad or two, it’s not rocket science rather it’s straight forward. I now run Facebook ads for multiple companies in Europe, USA and beyond. I love the fact that I help/teach companies and people all over the world learn this stuff from the comfort of my own home.

4) What challenges have you faced in the world of online business?

Many challenges. The main issue is people making things overly complex and confusing the hell out of me. Also people seem to drip feed information and make you suffer while learning. Attention spans are decreasing so people need fast solutions now. I now also teach others in crash courses where they learn fast and I’m very transparent with my stuff.

5) Why is it a good time to have an online business?

People are confident buying online now and everybody in the west is using smart phones. Internet speeds have rocketed, mobile internet is sometimes faster than internet inside buildings and homes. There is no greater time to start a business!

6) How important is it to get a mentor & how can a mentor benefit one’s business?

Many would disagree, mentor is an overly abused word these days. It’s great to get a mentor but unfortunately most who say they are mentors, don’t know how to mentor and really have little experience. It can take a long time to find a reputable mentor, best is to learn what needs to be learnt.  I help others learn what I do. I am more of a teacher than a mentor.

7) How crucial is social media to business and which social media channel is your favourite?

Essentially, Facebook is the daddy right now & You Tube is also powerful.

8) What key strategy should newbie’s implement who are starting a business from scratch?

Take action now! Be ready for failures, this will be your best teacher. Be careful who you follow!

9) What are the three key benefits of becoming an entrepreneur and working for yourself?

1) Time Flexibility 2) Eventually you will have good financial gains 3) Great Adventure

10) How do you see the digital Islamic economy and online business space developing over the next five years?

I think it’s in it’s infancy but the Muslim market is not an easy audience to sell to!


You can find me at: https://www.facebook.com/adamalionline

You Tube: http://bit.ly/youtubeAAA

Website: www.askadamali.com