My Life: Embracing Opportunity & Moving Towards Success

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By Maj Hussain

When I was in high school I had to undertake GCSE exams which formed the core examining processes for students. This was a stressful time for many young people as the five years teaching we had received prior had been geared up for this. Many students were stressed, some didn’t care and others were apprehensive.

A few months before the exams I decided I wanted to enrol for another brand new GCSE which was Religious Education as I had realised there was an opportunity for this. Bearing in mind GCSE subjects were normally studied over a two year period at that time. The RE teacher agreed and allowed me to sit the exam. He handed me a book on Christianity and wished me well. I read some of the Christian views on life over the following few months. I was able to sit the exam and successfully pass even though I had only had a small portion of time compared to my counterpart RE students. This added to the tally of other grades I had achieved and meant I had the most GCSE’s in the entire school.

Similarly as the story accounts sometimes in your business or general life opportunities arise and on some occasions after some reflection you just have to go take action and go with your gut feeling. Be brave, be courageous, embrace opportunity, stand out from the crowd and take those first steps of action and change your life today.

“The opposite of bravery is not cowardice but conformity.” Robert Anthony

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