Maj Hussain Visits Istanbul To Observe Best Practice In Adult Education

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During early July, 2018 I had the opportunity to visit Istanbul, Turkey. This was my fifth visit to the famous historical city which is a melting pot of cultures. Istanbul blends finely eastern and western traditions to create a sense of awe and a dazzling atmosphere for any international visitors.


I was able to visit multiple centers of adult education and observe best practice, entrepreneurship and skilled artisans. In addition to this Istanbul is also a tourist hot spot with amazing architecture and a touristic heaven. Istanbul is a city of wanders and has a range of shopping areas such as Taxim, Spice Bazaar and the famous Grand Bazaar.

Istanbul has one particular hub where the famous Sultan Ahmet (Blue Mosque) is located, close to this is the 1000 + year old building of the Haghia Sophia whihc was originally a cathedral, became a mosque and now is a museum. The Topkapi Palace the marvel where the Ottoman Sultans spent their winters is also closely located featuring a museum with major Islamic relics and artifacts.