The Power Of Storytelling In Your Business Strategy

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By Maj Hussain

Manchester: As a child I can reminisce the stories my father use to tell me about giants, witches and dragons. Growing up I always wanted to be the hero, which has spilled over into my work life, because at work I try and defend perceived weaker people from getting bullied. Storytelling in organisations has recently been bought to the forefront of psychological thought. Stories have played a crucial role in human history.

One of the key principles you have to learn in business is the ability to connect with your audience. The way you connected  with your community before print and writing were invented was that many people would rely on the oral tradition of storytelling i.e. people use to sit in taverns and listen to storytellers. These stories and myths have been passed on from generation to generation. Stories play and mean different things to various people. Stories inspire imagination and provide a guarantee. As well as this, stories provide ethical tuition, also they enlighten and counsel.

Stories Embedded In History

One of the greatest stories according to Christian & Islamic traditions is of Adam & Eve. As time and technology progressed the world changed. The coming of the ‘enlightment’ and ‘renaissance’ period brought rationalised thinking, and stories were believed to hold no scientific credibility and were often dismissed. However rather ironically in contemporary society stories have again been bought into the limelight, as human’s desire meaning from their lives. Therefore there is now a huge emphasis on storytelling. Storytelling is accumulated inside us and storytelling is known as the narrative process. Similarly storytelling in our lives moves over to the workplace.

Storytelling allows you to connect with another individual on a human to human level. This helps build trust and connectivity which will make it easier for product purchasers to occur.

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