Learning Entrepreneurial Skills Early In One’s Journey

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By Maj Hussain

Manchester: At the beginning of the new millennium whilst I was in high school I took part in a rare young people’s enterprise programme. As part of the programme I worked with five other students. We came together and created a plan to set up a business idea. After some thought we decided to go for a candle making enterprise. We had a small budget as part of the group and I was chosen as the leader of the team. I developed my entrepreneurial skills, team work abilities, negotiation and communication skills.

Practical Entrepreneurial Skills 

We hired a candle making wax machine and associated itinerary. We created the candles in different sizes and shapes. We then sold these products to our teachers and class mates. We turned around a small profit and had a really great time. This was one of my first entrepreneurial experiences selling physical products.

At the end of the year I sat an exam for the ‘Young People’s Enterprise Programme’ I had been involved in and I passed and gained a qualification which was an NVQ L2 in Business the equivalent of two GCSE’s. This was a great experience and stepping stone into the business world. Practical experience can be more useful than just theoretical learning alone. Sadly in modern education systems throughout the world financial literacy is not taught either is entrepreneurialism. Hence many people leave school without having many skills needed to prosper in life.

I had the rare chance of experiencing an insight into the brief world of business as a young teen which allowed me to obtain important lessons I could take forward with me. Business literacy can give you the ‘key’ to a more fulfilling and happier life. That key is choice, having the ability to choose what, where and how to use your own time according to what you enjoy. One of the few avenues to ‘choice’ is through entrepreneurship, hence I always advise individuals to create a business even if it’s part time or something on the side of your day job.

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