SEO & Content Marketing Tips & Magical Gems

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SEO: Magic
I was able to write one article many months ago using two Keywords which were relatively competitive in a particular niche. It currently ranks number one on Google and outranks mainstream publication articles such as Al Jazeera & the Guardian. I used certain skills, knowledge, research etc to make this happen.
Over the last two years I have written over 500 blog posts myself on a variety of subject areas. Content Marketing is a great tool you can include within your armory. As a business owner or entrepreneur it is important to create useful and targeted content relevant for your audience. Once you have drafted your blog posts or articles you can then use social media marketing to promote this content and get people clicking onto your links. As more people click and your content is optimised eventually your blog posts/articles will begin to rank higher on Google over time.
5 SEO Tips:
1) Use relevant and identified Keywords for your content.
2) Use Keywords in your Alt text in images.
3) Use Google Analytics a free tool to keep a track of data related to those who visit your website.
4) Use Google Console to enhance your SEO
5) Create relevant and engaging content to maximise your reach and click through rate.
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