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Salamz, Peace & Blessings

So Why Are You Here Now?

Do you work in a 9/5 job and fed up of the routine, are you broke, maybe in debt, yearn for freedom, would like to spend more time with your loved ones, maybe you want to jet set the world and experience new cultures?

You can’t live your ideal lifestyle if you don’t have the finances or resources to do so!

I’ve been broke, down and out and in debt, believe me it’s not a nice place to be. Getting stressed over bills to pay and costs to cover can really get people down and lead to depression and high levels of stress. I was broke stressed and in debt.

So what changed?

Simple I got a mentor who had the relevant skills and experiences and listened, observed and took action.

“If You don’t build your dream somebody will hire you to help build theirs” Tony Gaskins

Do you really want to spend the rest of your life working in a low paid job, struggling day to day, worrying about how to budget or pay for the next bill? Right now you’re here so that means I can help you towards changing your life. Leave your legacy and build your paradise.

My objective is to assist you create a business through a three part process revisiting Islamic Heritage for inspiration. Developing your Mindset and Psychological Well being and through Facebook Marketing to excel your business growth.

My programme focuses on creating businesses which have an Islamic ethos and are ethically viable. Paper money holds no real intrinsic value yet it is just a means to an end. Many people desire money, but if used in the right way it can make a huge difference in people’s lifestyles.  Spending your wealth on the right priorities can help your money go a long way. I’ve come across people who are willing to spend £5 on a chicken burger meal yet not £5 on a First Aid course which can help save a life. Change your mindset around money and how you conceptualise its presence. Use money a tool to work with you rather than against you by investing in the things that matter and investing in yourself.

  • Money Mindset: ‘Am I allowed to charge’

Yes you are allowed to charge for a service because it adds a sense of commitment. If somebody purchases your course that individual is aware that an investment has been made and are much more likely to complete the training. Alternatively ‘free’ things are not considered as important because there is no real attachment and often omitted from ones priorities.

  • Can Muslims be entrepreneurs?

There is great confusion about entrepreneurship and being Muslim. Can you be a Muslim and an entrepreneur at the same time? To find the best example we just have to go to the source. The Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) use to work on a market for his future beloved wife Khadijah (RA) who was also a merchant. The Prophets (pbuh) friends such as Abu Bakr were renowned wealthy traders and entrepreneurs.

  • Can I get this stuff for free?

It is important to have an element of your content which can be free to use. But the key idea is to have content which you can charge for simply because you get more learners who are focussed and dedicated.


As part of my unique coaching programme Biz Master I touch upon three elements which will help you explore your business avenue and motivate you to take action. The first element of the training uses Islamic Heritage & History. I go through a number of historical achievements which Muslims in history were responsible for. I use these amazing examples to help inspire you to innovate and think about creating great products online.


The second part of the programme focuses on the mindset of individuals, wellbeing, psychology & business psychology. In addition to mindset the section also dives into wellbeing and business psychology. A mindset is sometimes seen as the established set of attitudes held by an individual. I explore and help you understand how mindset can affect everything you do in your life and whether you succeed or not in reaching your dreams.

The final part of the Biz Master Programme training focuses on building a business and getting to work. I use training videos and supporting materials to explore and go through branding, business, business development, Facebook marketing and Facebook Ads.

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